Photo Services

Time Lapse

Great for construction.
The duration shot can be a few hours, overnight or an 18month project.
See CASE STUDY 2 for an insight into problem solving challenges.


I complete 150+ flights a year.
I am constantly on the road to remote locations.
A number of customers are often included in the same shoot trip to reduce travel costs.
Short notice is no problem.

Aerial Photography

I have a vast network of aerial contractors.
I am often able to locate an economic machine even when the client has told me none is available in the region.
See Case Study 1.


See our Video page.

Digital Backup and Redundancy

At the end of each shoot day, I back up images to two separate portable hard drives.
I carry all main camera gear as hand luggage on planes.
This avoids airline checked baggage issues and means I step off the plane ready to shoot.
I am well suited to small luggage requirements of crew change flights.


I am well presented and courteous to all site staff.
I understand the protocols of shooting safely on a working mine/construction site.


I hold current inductions and safety certificates for working safely:
Offshore, Open Cut, Railway, Construction and Underground.