Equipment Used

All formats are utilised by Peter Robey Photography

Nikon 35mm film with all Nikon lenses.

Nikon is one of only 2 brands (not Canon) that supports professional lenses fixing to both manual and auto focus bodies. I can keep shooting with my quality lenses when other photographers cannot!

My manual camera has been used many times when shooting with battery or electronic gear is not possible. Ie Industrial cold rooms, sensitive drill rigs and underground coal mines.

Mobile Studio

My studio kit fits on a small trolley and can be taken ANYWHERE!


This is one of my favourite formats. The image is a whopping 6cm x 17cm (equivalent to 6, 35mm photos) Unlike a wide angle lens there is no curvature at the photo edge.

With 5 images to 360° degree, this format is consistently used for property sales.


Long range radio flash guns that can be triggered through walls and up to 100’s of metres away. These things are amazing and have changed my shooting.

By not requiring studio lights as often, my time per set-up has been reduced. This has meant I can often shoot 4 set-ups an hour continuous throughout the day. Great value!