Time Lapse on Remote Dam Site


Provide a time lapse camera set up for 18 months for the construction of a dam.
Images to be available immediately as A0 size.
Supply time lapse movies progressively.


The camera position was a site pole 50metres (150feet) away from the site office.
NO power was available to the camera.
Large site machinery driving past on a haul road often interrupted wireless signals.

Solving the Challenges

Solar panels were used as power sources.
A photo storage card that has its own inbuilt wireless sending feature was used in the camera.
A specialised computer box attached to the camera to continue sending the files until received.
(this is in the event haul trucks interrupted the signal)
A watched folder within another computer downloaded and processed the photo to A0.


Problem solving these challenges was a fantastic achievement.

Scroll below for a handful of shots.