PNG Gold Mine


The island of Simberi is 1400klms North East of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
It is one of the most easterly, remote islands.
I was on-site for 36hrs.

During this time I shot:

  • All areas of operations – exploration, product removal, processing plant and camp
  • Island Life – visit to local villages around the island
  • Aerial photography from heli

36hrs was only available time due to strict seat availability on crew change flights.


  • The humidity and constant fogging of lenses
  • Organising a heli to a super remote area
  • Moving fast to grab quality set ups in a short amount of time

A definite highlight was travelling back to Australia as the sole occupant in a 4 seat Learjet.
Walking through customs with my own 2 pilots – I felt like a rock-star!

Scroll below for a handful of shots.

Simberi Gold_1_1954Simberi Gold_3_1863Simberi Gold_4_2091Simberi Gold_5_2156Simberi Gold_6_2231Simberi Gold_7_2256Simberi Gold_8_2268Simberi Gold_9_2348Simberi Gold_9a_459Simberi Gold_9b_2399Simberi Gold_9c_1823Simberi Gold_9d_9662_CroppedSimberi Gold_2293